Friday, 6 January 2012

Sidney Sheldon - The Stars Shine Down

the star shines down tells about the life of Lara Cameron, who made her way through success by achieving one of the top world site builders over a traditionally male dominant society. Lara is the daughter of a boarding house owner in Glace Bay. She suffered lot of hardships to attain the ultimate success as a real estate performer. She becomes a successful real estate developer by converting an old hotel into an ultra model luxury hotel. She even had to make love with so many people, ruthless yet vulnerable to get her living. Coming from a poor family in Nova Scotia, She promised to herself to gain more power to show her father that he was wrong. In a global setting in many places she has ever desired and won. By doing all this she attains the pinnacle of success, but as days pass by she started losing them, and came back to her initial stage of her living, but yet had the strong support of her love and other working staff. The thrill and fun of the reality industry, the care for the staff and the true love which finds her back and the staff staying by her side are some of the interesting twists in the story.

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