Mechanical engg.

Introduction to Solid State Physics

It includes:
* Describes how the excitations and imperfections of actual solids can be understood with simple models that have firmly established scope and power.
* including high temperature superconductors, quasicrystals, nanostructures, superlattices, Bloch/Wannier levels, Zener tunneling, light-emitting diodes and new magnetic materials.

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It includes:
* fundamental principles and the service techniques needed to diagnose and remedy refrigeration and HVAC problems.
* EPA rules and regulations covering refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclaiming.
* aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning.

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It includes:
* fundamentals of thermodynamics and their engineering applications.
  * overview of thermal science is presented as it relates to heat transfer.
 * various power cycles for improving efficiency.
* emphasis on efficent energy conversion such as fuel and combustion.

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Heat and Mass Transfer

It includes:
  • Expanded coverage of areas of recent interest in heat transfer, including fuel cells and alternative energy devices, electronics cooling, micro-scale heat transfer, and biological as well as bioheat transfer. New examples and homework problems are included for each area.
  • Introduction to the concepts of nano-scale transport and unified treatment of transient conduction.
  • New material on two-phase heat transfer and enhanced internal forced convection.
  • New and revised presentation of mass transfer including applications in materials science and biological engineering.
  • New, revised, and updated problems and examples.
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It includes :
* Analysis of kinematics and dynamics.
* Design of mechanisms and machines.
* Analyzing multi-cylinder engines.
* Methods used to manufacture disk cams.

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