SQL Complete Reference

It includes:-
  • Master SQL basics and use simple, multi-table, and summary queries.
  • Understand key concepts and the latest developments in relational database technology.
  • Set up and manage SQL-based databases and write programs to access them.
  • Create and use the sample database to run the SQL query examples in the book.
  • Find out about Xpath, Xquery, and other XML-based database query standards.
  • Discover how J2EE-based applications relate to data management.
  • Use and program SQL databases with application servers to create powerful Web applications.
  • Preview the future of SQL--including MySQL and the impact of XML and Web Services.
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Oracle 11g SQL Complete Reference

It includes:-
  • Install Oracle Database 11g or upgrade from an earlier version.
  • Create database tables, sequences, indexes, views, and user accounts.
  • Construct SQL statements, procedures, queries, and subqueries.
  • Optimize security using virtual private databases and transparent data encryption.
  • Import and export data using SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump.
  • Use SQL replay, change management, and result caching.
  • Avoid human errors using flashback and automatic undo management.
  • Build and tune PL/SQL triggers, functions, and packages.
  • Develop database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML.
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    Oracle 10G Complete Reference

    It includes:-
    • Install Oracle Database 10g or upgrade from an earlier version.
    • Execute SQL queries.
    • Perform complex searches easily with regular expression functions.
    • Implement security measures using Virtual Private Databases (VPDs).
    • Move data with SQL*Loader and Data Pump.
    • Replicate data and aggregations using materialized views.
    • Execute flashback queries to recover data or see its changes over time.
    • Create triggers, stored procedures, and packages with PL/SQL.
    • Develop applications with JDBC and XML.
    • Work with Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) and grid technologies.
    • Take advantage of the new tuning features.
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    Oracle 9i Complete Reference

    It includes:-

    • Use flashback queries to see data as it existed prior to commits.
    • Create, query, and manage external tables.
    • Create partitions, indexes, and tablespaces.
    • Execute and tune SQL queries.
    • Produce sophisticated reports using SQL*PLUS.
    • Load data from external files into Oracle database tables with SQL*Loader.
    • Create triggers, stored procedures, functions, and packages with PL/SQL.
    • Implement types, object views, and methods.
    • Develop robust database applications with SQLJ, JDBC, and XML.
    • Take advantage of the Oracle9i data dictionary and optimizer.
    • Tour the components of Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS).
    • Manage, tune, back up, and recover Oracle9i databases.
    • Learn anytime, anywhere with a 90-day Oracle University Professional subscription. Details on CD-ROM.
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    Elmasri Navathe-Fundamentals Of Database Systems Free download

    This book is given by Elmasri & Navathe.
    It consist of fundamentals of database systems.It gives you detailed knowledge about database.
    It consist of:
    * DBA
    * Schema
    * Normalization
    * E-R Diagram
    and many more....

    Download From

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