Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon - If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes tells the tale of a woman scorned. Wrongfully sent to jail and left by her fiance.. Tracy decides to get even on her release. One by one she goes after the people who have wronged her. No longer the victim she comes to enjoy the thrill of the scam and goes off on an amazing life of crime. This story is an adventure so go along for the ride.

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Sidney Sheldon - Are You Afraid Of The Dark

In different parts of the world four people died in accidents, or that's what the killer wants it to look like. The victims were all strangers with one thing in common...they all worked for Kinsley International Group, the world's largest think tank.

Two of the victim's wives, Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris attend a meeting at Kinsley International and soon after they are attacked by an unknown assailant.

Not knowing who to trust or where to turn the two women must work together if they are to find out what happened to their husbands. Traveling the world, Diane and Kelly dodge bullet after bullet while racing to get the answers surrounding their husband's death's until they realize the answers may be buried within the walls of Kinsley International.

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Sidney Sheldon - A Stranger In The Mirror

This is the behind-the-scenes story of megastar Toby Temple. He rose from poverty to become the biggest entertainer on TV and in the movies, as well as a first-class heel who used and discarded everyone in his path. It is also the story of Jill Temple who ran off to Hollywood with stars in her eyes, but never got her big break, despite experiencing every casting couch in town. She and Toby marry, and then she uses her new power to destroy those who hurt her. Little did she know it would all end in murder.

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Sidney Sheldon - Master Of The Game

Sidney Sheldon's story of big business, lust, greed, and revenge spans four generations, starting with Jamie McGregor, who leaves Scotland in 1850 to strike it rich in the diamond fields of South Africa. He overcomes many hardships, becomes a millionaire, and starts the Kruger-Brent company. His daughter, Kate, pushes the company until it becomes a world-wide conglomerate, and moves her headquarters to America. To her chagrin, her son Tony wants to be a painter, not a businessman. His twin daughters, Alexandra and Eve, are as different as can be. One of them may be a killer...

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Sidney Sheldon - Bloodline

This wonderful thriller is the story of Elizabeth Roffe, whose father has just died (or was he murdered?), leaving her heiress to a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical maker. She takes over the reins of the company with the help of Rhys Williams, a handsome but mysterious self-made man. Elizabeth's four quirky cousins and co-owners of the company each have shady pasts and need money, badly. They are pressuring her to allow the company to go public; she refuses, and becomes the target of an unknown assassin.

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Sidney Sheldon - Morning, Noon and Night

Morning, Noon, and Night is another intriguing, fast-paced thriller. There are innumerable plot twists, and the end is no less shocking.

This book revolves around a very wealthy and influential family known as the Stanfords. When the father dies, his children, the three heirs to the fortune, are shocked to find that they may have and illegitimate sister with whom they must share their wealth. This family carries out all of the major components of a great action novel: murder, revenge, greed, blackmail, and a splash of romance.

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Sidney Sheldon - Nothing Lasts Forever

Three young doctors-their hopes, their dreams, their unexpected desires... Dr. Paige Taylor: She swore it was euthanasia, but when Paige inherited a million dollars from a patient, the D.A. called it murder. Dr. Kat Hunter: She vowed never to let another man too close again-until she accepted the challenge of a deadly bet. Dr. Honey Taft: To make it in medicine, she knew she'd need something more than the brains God gave her. Racing from the life-and-death decisions of a big major hospital to the tension-packed fireworks of a murder trial, Nothing Lasts Forever lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers. And proves once again that no reader can outguess Sidney Sheldon, the master of the unexpected.

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Sidney Sheldon - Memories of Midnight

"Memories of Midnight" begins as amnesiac Catherine starts remembering the fact that her husband was killed for her supposed "murder." This could prove dangerous to Demiris, who sends her to London to work for him. Meanwhile, back in Greece, all the people who know that Catherine is still alive are systematically killed, and, just as Catherine find happiness, someone is sent to kill her.

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Sidney Sheldon - Rage Of Angels

Rage of Angels tells the story of beautiful Jennifer Parker, a rising young New York attorney who becomes involved with two very different men - Michael Morreti is a ruthless killer and Adam Warner is being groomed for the Presidency. We follow Jennifer for many years as she becomes a mother as well as a lawyer for the mafia, all the while finding true love is just beyond her reach.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Sands Of Time

Sheldon creates 4 exciting, vivid and very different heroines and sends them on an adventure of romance, excitement, murder and betrayal set in the lush valleys, little villages and picteresque buildings of the Spanish countryside.

Set in a time of political unrest in Spain, four nuns find themselves running for their lives from a ruthless tyrant who holds a lot of political power. All four women have secrets that help complicate matters as they flee their once safe haven, and they all learn very important lessons about who they were, and who they will soon become.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Other Side Of Midnight

This is Sidney Sheldon at his best, writing about romantic entanglements, reverses of fortune, thrilling suspense, and ultimate justice. Beautiful but poor Parisiene Noelle Page falls madly in love with American flyer Larry Douglas during WWII. When she becomes pregnant, he deserts her, thus setting her on a path of revenge that consumes her very being. Ruthlessly driven, she becomes a supermodel, movie star, and finally, as mistress to mega-rich Constantin Demiris, Noelle is reunited with Larry. Will she make him pay for what he did to her... or will she fall under his spell again?

Noelle, Larry, and his innocent wife, Catherine, are such fascinating, memorable characters that you won't want to stop reading until you find out what happens to them next. The story takes us from a poor French fishing village to Paris, then Hollywood and Athens, and the excitement keeps building and building as Noelle comes closer to tying up lose ends with the dastardly Larry, who proves to be her match when it comes to plotting evil. But don't underestimate Noelle's lover, Demiris, who will use all of his resources to get what he wants.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Stars Shine Down

the star shines down tells about the life of Lara Cameron, who made her way through success by achieving one of the top world site builders over a traditionally male dominant society. Lara is the daughter of a boarding house owner in Glace Bay. She suffered lot of hardships to attain the ultimate success as a real estate performer. She becomes a successful real estate developer by converting an old hotel into an ultra model luxury hotel. She even had to make love with so many people, ruthless yet vulnerable to get her living. Coming from a poor family in Nova Scotia, She promised to herself to gain more power to show her father that he was wrong. In a global setting in many places she has ever desired and won. By doing all this she attains the pinnacle of success, but as days pass by she started losing them, and came back to her initial stage of her living, but yet had the strong support of her love and other working staff. The thrill and fun of the reality industry, the care for the staff and the true love which finds her back and the staff staying by her side are some of the interesting twists in the story.

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Sidney Sheldon - Windmills of The Gods

Windmills of the Gods is equipped with a silky yet entrancing writing style that makes it impossible to put down. In the story, Mary Ashley, a university professor in Kansas, is appointed ambassador to Romania, which had only recently ameliorated its relations with the West. Mary receives much acclaim and over night she becomes one of the most famous and influential people in the world. However, she finds herself in the middle of a treacherous web of conspiracy and corrupt power, and many parties are after her, including one of the most powerful assassins in the world.

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Sidney Sheldon - Tell Me Your Dreams

Enter Toni Prescott and Alette Peters. They both work with Ashley at Global Computer Graphics, but the similarities end there. Toni is a saucy, British vixen with a penchant for Internet dating and discotheques. La bella Italiana Alette, on the other hand, is a wannabe artist who prefers quiet, dreamy weekends with beefcake painters. Reminiscent of junior high school, Toni and Alette do their best to keep Ashley out of their cool clique, but find it difficult when a string of murders irrevocably binds them together. Based on a true story and laden with realistic details--not to mention a whopper of an ending--Tell Me Your Dreams is vintage Sheldon.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Doomsday Conspiracy

Sheldon's first male lead in many years--is assigned by NSA to locate the 11 people on a Swiss bus who saw the crash of a ``weather balloon.'' It takes only a chat with the bus driver for Bellamy to learn that the ``weather balloon'' was really a downed UFO containing two alien bodies. It takes talks with all the witnesses, however--Yank, Soviet, Hungarian, etc., each tracked down in the novel's repetitive first two-thirds with minimal sleuthing but maximal scenery-stuffing--for him to learn that each is killed right after talking to him: ``It was an international conspiracy, and he was in the middle of it.'' And so are: the aliens (``a form of vegetable life'' whose eyes ``resembled Ping-Pong balls'') circling earth in their mother ship, waiting to see whether world leaders will respond to their secret plea to halt pollution; the missing third occupant of the UFO, dying for lack of pristine water; and the international cabal, led by ``Janus,'' that's killed the witnesses with the intent of fighting the aliens and continuing earth's exploitation. In the livelier last third, Bellamy, resorting to clever spy-tricks and help from a winsome whore, runs from Janus--whose identity you'll spot chapters away--while plotting his downfall. The fitful action climaxes in an Alpine showdown, with the celestial calvary soaring in for the rescue.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Sky is Falling

Dana Evans, who made her first appearance in Sidney Sheldon's The Best Laid Plans, is a spunky, good-looking, young Washington TV journalist who's recently returned to the nation's capital from the Balkans, where she adopted a handicapped war orphan who's having trouble adjusting to life in America. But that doesn't keep Dana from following a story all over the world, from Washington to Aspen, Nice, Juneau, Dusseldorf, Rome, Brussels, Moscow, and Siberia. Each of these brief visits is like a postcard--a local landmark or two, an interesting local restaurant (at least in the European venues), and another piece of the puzzle, which has to do with why every member of a venerable, old Washington dynasty has died a violent death in the last year. It seems strange that in a media-savvy city like Washington, no one but Dana has noticed there's a pattern in the rapid extinction of the Winthrops or even whispered the words family vendetta. But that's why pretty, young girl TV reporters were invented, at least by Sheldon.

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Sidney Sheldon - Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans begins with the meeting and mating of Oliver Russell, a promising young attorney-cum-gubernatorial candidate, and Leslie Stewart, the beautiful go-getter who is running his public relations campaign. Just as the pair is about to be wed, Russell's mentor, Senator Todd Davis, offers him a deal he can't refuse: marry my daughter and I will make you president. Russell accepts and Stewart vows revenge. The lion's share of The Best Laid Plans revolves around the young pol's rise to power and Stewart's byzantine plotting to bring him to grief. Russell gives his phony wife plenty of opportunities because, like every fictional president (and some real ones), Russell has an unruly libido.

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Sidney Sheldon - The Naked Face

This is one of Sidney Sheldon's early works. Written in the 80's. In this
Judd Stevens is a psychoanalyst. The people he sees are very disturbed with the exception of one patient, Anne, who won't get to the bottom of her problems. In the opening of the book, one of his patients leaves his office wearing Judd's raincoat and gets stabbed in the back. Shortly after that, his secretary is murdered in his office after hours. The homicide detective assigned to the case believes that Judd is actually guilty of the murders and begins to try to slant the evidence against Judd.

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