Friday, 6 January 2012

Sidney Sheldon - The Other Side Of Midnight

This is Sidney Sheldon at his best, writing about romantic entanglements, reverses of fortune, thrilling suspense, and ultimate justice. Beautiful but poor Parisiene Noelle Page falls madly in love with American flyer Larry Douglas during WWII. When she becomes pregnant, he deserts her, thus setting her on a path of revenge that consumes her very being. Ruthlessly driven, she becomes a supermodel, movie star, and finally, as mistress to mega-rich Constantin Demiris, Noelle is reunited with Larry. Will she make him pay for what he did to her... or will she fall under his spell again?

Noelle, Larry, and his innocent wife, Catherine, are such fascinating, memorable characters that you won't want to stop reading until you find out what happens to them next. The story takes us from a poor French fishing village to Paris, then Hollywood and Athens, and the excitement keeps building and building as Noelle comes closer to tying up lose ends with the dastardly Larry, who proves to be her match when it comes to plotting evil. But don't underestimate Noelle's lover, Demiris, who will use all of his resources to get what he wants.

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