Wednesday, 4 January 2012

C Complete Reference 4th Edition

Inside you'll find:
  • Comprehensive coverage of the C language, including both C89 (the original version of C) and the new features added by C99.
  • Detailed explanations of each keyword, data type, and operator.
  • In-depth discussions of pointers, disk I/O, and dynamic allocation.
  • Complete descriptions of the entire C function library.
  • Descriptions of the new features added by C99, such as restricted pointers, Boolean and complex. data types, the inline keyword, variable-length arrays, and the long data types.
  • Real-world algorithms and applications, such as stacks, queues, trees, sparse arrays, and sorting.. You'll even learn about Al-based searching techniques.
  • Tips on working efficiently in the C programming environment.
  • Advice on porting and debugging.
  • Complete source code for a C interpreter that you can use as-is enhance to fit your needs. 
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